top five photography tips

  1. Lighting is everything. For the natural light photographer, it trumps location every time. Light makes or breaks an image. Find a location with fabulous light, and don’t be afraid to use that location again and again. Here is one of my favorite images shot in one of my go-to locations. The light is magical every time.
  1. Capture connection. It’s what stops us in our scroll. Whether you are photographing one person or a group of people, emotion and connection are what draw us in. This image represents pure joy and childhood unplugged. I forced myself out of the house this winter, and I’m so happy I did.
  1. Closeups are key. I’ll never forget the workshop I attended last summer and my mentor hounding me for what I THOUGHT qualified as a closeup. Closeups capture those gorgeous details in the eyes and more. They are the shots that take your breath away. They are often the shots that parents love the most. Don’t neglect them.
  1. Get creative. Play with shadows. Play with reflection. Break the “rules.” Make your art your own. Embrace a style that is unique to you and that is your signature look. I used to shy away from harsh light, but shadow play has become my new favorite technique.
  1. Get in the frame. Yes. YOU need to get in the frame. No more hiding behind that lens. Get in front of it. As uncomfortable as it may be, people want to see your face! If your camera has Wi-Fi, you can get an app to use your phone as a remote trigger, and with a little practice, self portraits become a breeze.

Now get out there and make and share some magic!

Cheers! ❤ Katie